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Tuesday 1 December
Ramblers group walks can restart in all tiers from Wednesday 2 December 2020. Given the health and well-being benefits of walking, we think it's right to help people access the outdoors in a safe and responsible way. Outdoor physical activity is exempt from restrictions affecting medium, high and very high tiers. Ramblers group walks are also exempt from the 'Rule of Six' in accordance with UK Government guidance. These are exempt from the latest restrictions, as we have already met the protocols, and put extra measures in place to reduce the risks of COVID-19. The three-tier system means that walkers in England should not travel to or from very-high alert areas.

While in theory, a group can consist of 30 walkers, please be mindful of the adverse publicity that will surely be generated by such a large number of walkers in the public's perception.


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