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Can you lead a short evening walk for us?

These walks are a bit different to the usual group walks, the participants are often people who can’t walk far – or fast. Sometimes it will be the first time a person has walked with the Ramblers and may be looking to become a member.

As such, the leader will be welcoming and explain about toilet and drink stops, and should keep an eye on the pace of the walk, not letting the group get too spread out. It would be useful to take a few walk programmes and membership forms in case anyone wants copies.

Walks should normally be no longer than 4 miles; however, be aware of the early sunset times on the early and late walks. These walks should be closer to 3 – 3.5 miles in length, or a short cut should be devised for use if the weather is poor and the light fails.

If you would like to lead, but don’t know of a suitable route, we have a number of possibilities, just get in touch.

Finally, when offering a walk, a short description of the route is helpful for walkers deciding whether to participate.

Email Janet for further information or to offer a walk, or click Here to see available dates


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