Why become a member of the Ramblers?

Footpaths don’t happen by accident: they are part of our country’s heritage, and most would agree that, like our castles, stately homes and industrial archaeology, they should be protected and maintained. Walking is our most popular form of recreation, but how many walkers stop to consider why they are free to visit our National Parks, or spend time wandering through the countryside? How many of you set off for a day’s walk expecting the paths to be visible, stiles to be climbable and signposts to be there when the route is uncertain? Many fellow walkers never give these questions a thought. They have maps showing the rights of way, and expect them to be there! Also, few show any awareness of the charity that represents their interests, yet it is largely through the efforts of the Ramblers that the routes they take for granted can be accessed at all.

National parks? It was vigorous campaigning by the Ramblers that saw the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act become law in December 1949, leading to the first of the Parks being established in 1951. The Ramblers continue to press for new National Parks.

Footpaths? Vigilant Ramblers volunteers collected evidence and submitted thousands of claims for footpaths to be included on the new definitive maps that Local Authorities were required to compile. Many paths we walk today would probably have disappeared had it not been for these volunteers. The Ramblers continue to alert local councils to paths blocked or difficult to use.

Signposts? Lobbying by the Ramblers led to the 1968 Countryside Act that amongst other things required Highway Authorities to signpost paths where they leave a road.

Maps? The Ramblers successfully campaigned to persuade the Ordnance Survey to continue production of the 1:25000 scale maps used by most walkers. It was also Ramblers pressure that ensured the Ordnance Survey included the legal rights of way on their maps, a feature that we now take for granted. The Ramblers continue to work with the OS to protect walkers’ interests.

Ploughed paths? The Ramblers campaigned for paths ploughed or otherwise disturbed by landowners to be restored to a walkable condition. This resulted in the 1990 Rights of Way Act that set a timescale for public rights of way to be restored after ploughing.

So, why don’t you support the Charity dedicated to protecting your countryside and the footpaths you walk?
Don’t like walking with a group? Then don’t, just support our charitable aims.
Poor value for money? Membership costs individuals less than 80 pence per week (less than 95 pence for a couple). With discretionary discounts offered to Ramblers members by bookshops and outdoor activity shops, that 80 pence is soon recovered.
Always intended to join, but never got around to it?
Do it NOW! Remember, you don't have to walk with us, but your 80 pence will be well spent protecting the beauty of the countryside, ensuring that your local footpaths are kept open, and in helping us to help the less able to enjoy the countryside that is our heritage.

As a registered charity, the Ramblers receives no government funding, yet without us, Britain's stunning landscapes and unique path network could easily disappear. By becoming a member, you will be ensuring there's a voice for all walkers and you'll also be helping to safeguard Britain's precious outdoor spaces.

So many good things happen when you join the Ramblers!

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• Unlimited free access to hundreds of group walks every week
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• Four issues of Walk magazine a year packed full of kit reviews, life-changing stories and great routes
• Your welcome pack, crammed full, including a guide on how to help you make the most of your membership
• Access to our OS map library
• Special member offers including 15% off Cotswold Outdoor

Your membership will protect our paths and green spaces, whilst helping more people get healthier and happier.

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