Can you lead a walk for us?

Our Group has a comprehensive programme of led walks, and there is something to suit everybody, from leisurely-paced 4-mile evening walks, to 'leg stretchers' of 15 miles or more. We are grateful to all those who lead these walks for us, but we do need more of you to offer a walk. We can suggest suitable starting points, or you can devise your own. Most of our walks take place on Sundays and Wednesdays, while evening walks run throughout the summer on Tuesdays and from April to October, we have a monthly walk of around 15 miles. There is also a new programme of short (4-5 mile) walks on Monday mornings.
To look at the availability, choose the day and length from the options below.

Monday – mornings – 4-5 miles. Contact Denise Smith

Tuesday – evenings – 4 miles max. Contact Janet Shawcross for 2023 dates

Wednesday – all day – 10 miles. Contact Kim Gregory

Friday – all day – 15 miles. Contact Sid Mill

Sunday – all day – 10 miles. Contact Sally Larn